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How You Sell Matters

If your property has recently been rezoned or is earmarked to, then it is likely there’s been a lot of buzz around you and your neighbours. You may be getting real estate agents, developers and buyers agents contacting you. It can be a really daunting time that can also be super confusing. So what are your options if you are looking to sell?

Depending on your property and where rezoning is at, you will have a number of options.

If you’ve decided to sell your property then you have 3 options (well 4 really)

1. Sell to a Developer

2. Engage a Buyer’s Agent

3. Engage a Real Estate Agent


Below, we've broken down your options into Pros and Cons and added a secret 4th option,

So, that’s the low down on the different avenues you have to sell your property, but here’s the secret fourth option….

Land Evolution are professional Development Consultants, Developers, Buyers Agents and Real Estate Agents. We are uniquely positioned to sell your property in multiple ways and because of this we are unbiased as to the sale method. We provide key insights into development of the land and how this can affect your price. We pride ourselves on tailoring solutions to suit you and achieve the best price or deal for your land.

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